Our Patrons West 14th Blue Heron

We meet on the first Thursday of the month in the "Parkins" room at 6:30 PM at the West 14th Restaurant
108 W. 9th Street
Marshfield, WI 54449

Upcoming Events

We are in the process of planning future events.  Check back soon!!

Past Events

Sep, 24 - 2011 - 2nd Annual Monster M.A.S.H.

350 pounds of Rahr Pale Ale Malt will be mashed on the Blue Heron system to produce about 8 barrels of wort with a starting gravity of roughly 1.042.  This wort will then be pumped outside to brew stations in the parking lot where you can take the wort and add to it as you wish (hops, sugars, spices, yeast, etc.) to create your own unique beer.

M.A.S.H. members will supply equipment (burners, kettles, chillers) for you to brew on.  You need to supply propane, fermenter, and the ingredients you wish to add to the wort.  (Blue Heron may have yeast - WLP001 - available free of charge as well.  Watch for updates)

In the interest of efficiency, as well as including as many brewers as possible, we require 10 gallon batches brewed on each station, and you must brew in teams of 2.  Husband/wife teams do not count.  Teams must be 2 people from different households.  So call a friend, discuss a recipe, and come one down and brew it!

M.A.S.H. will also have an apple press on site if you wish to bring some apples and press your own.

 * This event had some changes due to less than expected attendance.  The event was changed from a Monster MASH to a brew your own event.  Despite the changes, the event was a success and all had a great time.  Alongside the brewers, the apple pressers also had a very successful day.  Around 50 gallons of apple juice was produced by pressing many hundreds of pounds of apples.  Both club members and guests of the Blue Heron Brew Pub enjoyed the event.  Thank You and we hope to see you again next year!!